Scholarly Impact Services

Increasing Scholarly Impact

Scholarly impact is increasingly driven by metrics such as downloads, links, and electronic citations. Underlying these metrics is the need for high visibility online. Visibility is achieved when search engines or indexes display high rank for a particular paper based on keyword search. It is no longer adequate to simply place a paper online and hope that it will achieve high rank. The paper must be actively promoted through social media just like any other product or service.

The Cambria Institute provides content marketing services to increase scholarly impact. First, a unique webpage called a landing page is created for the content item. The landing page is carefully designed to ensure that software robots deployed by search engines and automated spiders discover and index the content. This is done by customizing specific content tags that are embedded in the document.

Next, the Cambria Institute assigns a unique DOI (Document Object Identifier) to the content. This DOI is submitted to an official DOI registrar. Based on this registration, a permanent webpage link is assigned to the content. This means that the content can be properly cited in the references of other documents with the permanent DOI webpage link. Hence, other scholars can immediately retrieve the work simply by clicking the link.

The Cambria Institute then launches a rich media viral announcement of the content through social media. In addition to posts and blogs, a narrated explanation of the content is distributed and indexed through key social media file sharing websites. Influential scholars may also informed of the research via e-mail. In all of these communications, the permanent DOI webpage link is communicated.

This heightened visibility increases the number of downloads, links, and citations resulting in greater scholarly impact.