Partnership Programs


The Cambria Institute offers two partnership programs for faculty or colleges (“partners”) that wish to engage or expand their publishing efforts. These programs are called the private label and co-branding programs. The private label program is for partners that wish to augment their existing publishing efforts especially for emerging e-content formats. The co-branding program is for partners that desire a turnkey solution to leapfrog to the frontier of business publishing to achieve a competitive advantage.

Private Label Program

The private label program empowers partners to use the Cambria Minute Publishing Solution (“CAMIPS”) to augment or launch their own privately branded publishing efforts. Under this program, copyright resides with the partner and this is indicated in the copyright page. The partner creates finished content through CAMIPS and deploys this content as the partner wishes through the partner’s own resources and efforts. Any relevant registration data including ISBNs or DOIs are provided by the partner. If the partner wishes, the Cambria Institute will manage manufacturing and inventory and ship the desired books to the partner. If requested, the Cambria Institute will establish a privately branded webpage for the transmission of content to the desired IP range.

Co-Branding Program

Under the co-branding program, copyright resides with the Cambria Institute but only for one year recurring interval periods. The partner creates finished content through CAMIPS in the desired formats. The copyright page indicates that the content is published on behalf of the partner whose brand is prominently displayed. The Cambria Institute manages production and distribution of content worldwide as desired. The Cambria Institute manages the transmission of content to desired IP ranges if desired. The Cambria Institute assigns relevant ISBNs and DOIs. The co-branding program allows the partner to immediately achieve advanced publishing capabilities which were once the preserve of only a few business schools.