Publishing Solutions

Publishing Solutions

The Cambria Institute provides a gateway to an enterprise class, cloud-based typesetting solution that creates printer-ready books and e-books directly from Microsoft Word files at the click of a button in minutes. This solution is called CAMIPS (Cambria Minute Publishing Solution).

Through CAMIPS business faculty can publish research notes, case studies, textbooks, or other pedagogical materials on demand. Content is available for output in hard and electronic formats for software readers, devices, and web browsers.

Finished content can be deployed privately so that it is only accessible to the university or college network IP range. Alternatively, the Cambria Institute can deploy content commercially through global distribution channels.

The Cambria Institute acts as a facilitating agent in managing production and distribution. All income collected by the Cambria Institute is transferred to the faculty or college. The Cambria Institute also provides 24/7 access to accounting records and manages tax compliance.

Faculty or colleges may choose to publish under their own imprint and private label their content. In this case, peer review and conditions of publication are managed by the faculty or college. If publishing under the Cambria Institute name, the Cambria Institute manages peer review and conditions of publication.