Working Papers Series

IP Working Paper Series

The theft of intellectual property and intellectual capital in all forms is unfortunately rampant worldwide. In the past, scholars sought to protect their intellectual property by circulating working papers and posting digital copies on websites. This is no longer adequate. Research is a now a global industry. There is a global competition for ideas, patents, and ownership of content and processes.

Professors may assume that U.S. copyright laws are the norm worldwide. They are not. In many nations ownership is demonstrated through registration not by prior conception or use.

The strongest way to demonstrate ownership is by registering the work through publication. The Cambria Institute IP Working Papers Series provides publishing services to protect the intellectual property of professors from conception. Each working paper is not only indexed through search engines but also provided a Digital Object Identifier. Cambria Press, parent of the Cambria Institute, also periodically publishes papers in the IP Working Paper Series and assigns the collection an ISBN number. Cambria Press has an account with the Library of Congress thereby further demonstrating ownership rights for the professor.