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The Impact of the Pandemic on Employee Benefits

Olivia Smith and Barry A. Friedman

The BRC Academy Journal of Business

Volume 12

Number 1

Print ISSN: 2152-8721 Online ISSN: 2152-873X

Date: April 15, 2022

First Page 1

Last Page 25

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.15239/j.brcacadjb.2022.12.01.ja01


The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly impacts the economy, workplace, and society. Employees have endured physical and mental health hardships and income insecurity. Progressive organizations and governments must address these challenges with short- and long-term initiatives. This paper reviews how organizations have modified employee benefits to attract, motivate and retain employees during the pandemic and proposes implications for future disruptions. A conceptual classification employee benefit model is first presented that includes security (e.g., workers' compensation), retirement, healthcare, financial (e.g., financial counseling), family benefits (e.g., FMLA), and time-off (e.g., sick days). Recent literature is then reviewed using this classification. Implications for the strategic management of employee benefits are offered.

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